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Perdana at Zebra Square, exquisitely designed as a VIP space, seamlessly blends luxury and functionality. This versatile room, ideal for waiting, dining, or high-level meetings, boasts six elegant round tables draped in sumptuous velvet tablecloths. With a generous seating capacity of 60, Perdana offers an intimate yet opulent setting, ensuring privacy and comfort for your distinguished guests.

Privacy Focused: The room is designed to offer a private and secluded environment, perfect for confidential meetings or exclusive gatherings.

Refined Decor: The décor in Perdana strikes a balance between elegance and comfort, creating an inviting space that's both impressive and welcoming.

Versatile Use: Equipped to serve as a waiting room, dining area, or meeting space, Perdana is adaptable to various high-end event requirements.

Comfortable Seating: With a capacity to comfortably seat 60 guests, Perdana is spacious yet maintains an atmosphere of intimacy and exclusivity.

Exclusive @ Zebra Square

Exclusive Elegance Redefined

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