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Business at Zebra Square is an ideal private space designed for high-level meetings and intimate dining experiences. This exclusive room embodies a blend of professionalism and sophistication, perfectly suited for business executives and small private gatherings.

Business at Zebra Square is the epitome of a modern meeting and dining space, combining privacy, elegance, and functionality. It’s a preferred venue for those looking for an exclusive and professional environment.

Here's what Business offers

Elegant Boardroom Table:

At the center of the room is a sleek, stylish boardroom table, providing a focal point for discussion and decision-making. This table is designed to facilitate engagement and collaboration, making it perfect for productive meetings.

Seating for Ten:

With comfortable seating for up to ten people, the space is ideal for small group meetings, executive sessions, or private dinners. The arrangement ensures each attendee has ample space and comfort, conducive to focused discussions or intimate dining.

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